An Interview with TWBF

Glasgow is host to a multitude of unsigned bands so what is so special about There Will Be Fireworks, yet another label-less group gigging in the likes of Stereo and Captain’s Rest? Well, not only did they form at our very own Glasgow University, but also have an incredible atmospheric sound akin to the likes of Explosions in the Sky and lyrical depth reminiscent of Tom Waits. Furthermore, album and ticket sales alone have allowed the band to become completely self-sufficient. Their gig last January was so popular they had to turn many fans away at the door.

I caught up with Nicky from the band to find out about their new album and their plans for the future:

Have you changed much as a band since your last album?

“Well we’re pretty much the same personnel but I think the sound has changed a fair bit. For a start, the song writing has naturally developed over the last few years. For the first album, we bashed out all the songs in a practice space and then headed to the studio to record them. Given that time with everyone in the one place has been a commodity over the last few years, the way we’ve written has changed. We’ve been writing a lot more in the studio and experimenting as we record. It’s produced a different type of song compared to the first album.”

Have you ever been surprised with the amount of support you have received?

“Yeah, we’re really grateful for the generally positive reaction that we’ve had. The internet is an incredible tool for getting music out there and we’ve managed to gather a small but supportive crowd of listeners. As an unsigned band, we don’t have any PR other than whatever nonsense we might spout on Facebook or Twitter (@twbf), so it’s been really gratifying. The most surprising thing has been the number of people from outside the UK who have been buying our album. We’ve just released our new EP Because, Because and again we’ve had interest from abroad. It’s cool that something we make on a shoestring in a studio in Strathaven gets listened to by someone a few thousand miles away.”

Would you say that living in Glasgow has influenced your music?

“Glasgow has influenced our music more than anything else. I have lived here more or less my whole life and the city has definitely seeped into our song writing. Without wanting to be parochial, we are a Glasgow band and it’s inevitable that that will be reflected in what we produce.”

You guys all attended Glasgow University. Do you have any advice for any students who are interested in forming a band?

“Bash out some songs, get in a studio and record them. Play gigs but not so many that people get bored of you. And if you’re going to go to a studio to record, research which bands have recorded there to find something that will chime with your sound. Everything we have recorded was done at Old Mill Studios in Strathaven and we can’t recommend it enough.”

The band’s most recent packed out gig at Stereo in December displayed their continuing popularity with the Glasgow public. Taking to the stage in Christmas onesies these guys showed that despite not taking themselves too seriously they are truly a highlight of the current Glasgow music scene.

-Claire Flynn

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GUWHC 2nd XI Versus East Kilbride

The GUWHC second XI has soared from strength to strength in recent months with their most recent 2-0 victory against the East Kilbride first XI taking them to the semi-final of the West District cup.

Despite entering this match as firm underdogs the Glasgow girls did not let that put them off. They dominated the match from the very beginning. The opposition was taken aback by the force in which the GUWHC came at them. Although they played an excellent passing game and created several chances the girls failed to break through the East Kilbride defence and ended the first half disappointed not to be in front.

Again the girls did not let that dampen their spirits and, knowing that they were the better team, came back strong in the second half. Unfortunately the hockey became a little frantic enabling East Kilbride to gain several penalty corners in a short space of time putting Glasgow under severe pressure. However, the defence kept calm and stayed strong, keeping the ball out of the net.

About ten minutes into the second half, the first goal was finally scored with striker Bethan Eluned Till breaking through and smacking the ball from the top of the D into the back of the net. A beautiful strike that put Glasgow deservedly in front. This put Glasgow in the lead but the pressure was still on with East Kilbride pushing back determined to even the score.

The game continued with increased intensity- East Kilbride had not been expecting to lose and were frantically trying to make a comeback, leading to mistakes and fouls- one of their players was even green carded. It wasn’t until ten minutes before the end of the match that the Glasgow ladies were confident of victory, when they awarded a penalty corner. Katie Wood struck the ball at the goal, with a deflection by Bethan Eluned Till to ensure it reached the target.

The GUWHC second XI were victorious and rightly so. The entire team was aware of the excellent hockey displayed throughout the squad but it was Kate Smith that was voted player of the match for her amazing goal keeping skills throughout the game and especially in the face of numerous penalty corners which kept the side in the game.

The second XI has now progressed to the semi-final of the West District Cup. They will either be playing the East Kilbride 2nd XI or the Clyde West 5th XI. Both teams are potentially incredibly tough opposition with the latter looking to finish at the top of West District One this season.

The team are aware of the challenges ahead but for now are content with this achievement. Julia McGovern, vice captain of the team, emphasised how happy she was saying:

“Never have I ever been so proud to see a team truly rise to the occasion and completely shoot down the label of being the underdogs.”

So we can only hope the GUWHC second XI continue to disregard the underdog tag as they face even tougher opposition in their upcoming games. Perhaps they can then continue their winning streak and win another cup for Glasgow University.

-Claire Flynn