An Ode To My Bed

“When am I in my element?”

That was what I asked my boyfriend after I spotted this writing competition advertised on The Debrief. I had been mulling it over for a while and couldn’t decide whether it was writing, playing guitar or exercising (to be fair that was one was definitely a stretch – I hate the gym) and I wanted a second opinion.

However, he didn’t agree with any of my suggestions and instead replied “in bed.”

Those of you raising your eyebrows and wondering whether the rest of this article will be devoted to praising my sexual prowess, don’t worry – it’s not. That’s not what he meant. I know because when I smiled and winked at him, he swiftly added “and not in the dirty way.”

So after a fairly extensive argument, I conceded that being in bed is actually when I am most in my element. Whether it’s sleeping, reading or watching episode after episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a cup of tea and a jumbo bag of salt and vinegar crisps, my bed is my favourite place to be and I could genuinely spend all day there. But couldn’t everyone? Apparently not.

My boyfriend, for one, is insanely active – when he’s not too busy with his medical degree, he’s at swimming training, 5-a-side football or the gym, and rarely takes the time for a duvet day or even a lie-in. And one of my former flatmates gets up at 7 am every morning without fail, including on a Sunday. I swear the only time I witnessed her sleep in (until 9) was the morning after she drank a bottle of tequila and attempted to make-out with a stone pillar.

So maybe I enjoy my time in bed a little too much. But, despite the fact that in the digital age it is possible to do virtually any task from your bed provided you have a laptop/smartphone/tablet, I don’t actually spend all my time there. Even now that I have a home-based job, I make myself get up and work at the kitchen table. I go out and see friends, shop and even force myself to the gym from time to time (that really is a struggle though). No I’m not showing off about the fact I do stuff – my point is that, while my bed remains my one true love, I’m constantly forcing myself to live out of my element, because, in all honesty, life in the comfort zone must get dull after a while.

While my rant about how much I love my bed was not riveting enough to win 850 squids, you can rest easy knowing that if I had won, it would have all been spent on new blankets, my Netflix subscription and a shit-ton of salt and vinegar crisps.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Joel Kramer (


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