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Film Releases to Look Out For In 2013

The world hasn’t ended so LET’S ALL GO TO THE CINEMA! 2013 promises to be another year full of sequels, prequels and even some brand new flicks to grab our attention. So here is a countdown of films to look out for in the next year.

  1. World War Z- Set in Philadelphia, but filmed in our very own Glasgow, this film tells the story of a U.N. employee’s battle to stop the outbreak of a deadly zombie pandemic. Starring the lovely Brad Pitt, it will be worth watching just to see the zombie invasion of George Square.
  2. jOBS- The closing film at the Sundance Film Festival 2013, this feature tells the story of one of the greatest entrepreneurs in American History, Steve Jobs. This indie number, directed by Joshua Michael Stern, promises to be a candid and inspiring tale of the last 30 years of Jobs’ life.
  3. Kick Ass 2- Kick Ass, Hit Girl and Red Mist return in June to… well, kick some ass. Kick-Ass has joined forces with a group of other normal citizens who have been inspired to fight crime in costume. Meanwhile Red Mist plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone Kick Ass knows.
  4. This Is The End- Featuring an all-star cast, this film tells the story of Seth Rogen and numerous other celebrities attending a party at James Franco’s house only to face the apocalypse. With the number of funny men involved this is likely to be a barrel of laughs with countless silly antics taking place.
  5. Iron Man 3- The cool, clever and funny Tony Stark returns this year in his metallic body armour with the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow at his side. This time he must face his most powerful enemy yet: the Mandarin.
  6. After Earth- The latest in creepy sci-fi flicks from director M. Night Shyamalan, this film tells the story of a father and son exploring a planet that was evacuated by humans 1000 years earlier, after they crash land on it. Starring Will Smith and his son Jadyn, it will be worth it just to watch the Smith boys in action together again.
  7. Star Trek Into Darkness- Chris Pine return as Captain Kirk leading the crew of the Enterprise. After the crew find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organisation, Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction.
  8. Man of Steel- An alien infant is raised on earth and grows up with superhuman abilities, which he uses to protect his adopted home planet. The tale of Superman flies back on to cinema screens with Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and Amy Adams as Lois Lane.
  9. The Great Gatsby- Based on the classic book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this film tells the story of Nick Carraway, a Midwesterner living on Long Island, who becomes fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbour, Jay Gatsby. This is the latest of Baz Luhrmann’s works and stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Carey Mulligan. Audiences will undoubtedly be unable to tear their eyes from the screen as they are drawn into a world of Fitzgerald and Luhrmann combined.
  10. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug- The first part of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic novel may have only just been released last month, but the second part has already become one of the most highly anticipated film releases of 2013. In this part the Dwarfs, Gandalf and Bilbo have escaped the Misty Mountains and continue their journey to re-obtain gold from the dragon Smaug. It is a long wait until it’s release in December but hey- it gives us something to look forward to.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of BagoGames (https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagogames/)


It’s Christmas Time…

It’s coming to that time of year again. Festive tunes are blaring out of every Ipod, the advent calendars are being placed upon walls and the decorations are being dusted off. It’s time for Christmas; a time of joy, of happiness and of giving.

But also a time of stress, fighting and spending the entire day with your family- which, almost never ends well.

It is one of the days of the year we’ll all count down to but let’s be honest we tend to gloss over the bad stuff about Christmas Day.

Some of you jolly little carollers may be gasping at my negative Christmas attitude… but just let me explain.

You start off getting up at some ridiculous hour in the morning. Christmas is supposed to be a holiday so why do we still have to get up at 7am. Santa isn’t going to take the presents back- he’s not real! And if you do make the decision to have a sensible lie in and make everyone wait for you to open presents you inevitably wake up to a younger sibling pouring freezing cold water over your face: ‘Woops sorry didn’t mean that. But seeing as you’re up…’

And then there’s the opening of presents and pretending like you needed five pair of reindeer socks- ‘Aww yeah Mum that’s exactly what I wanted.’ All the while what you really want is to go back to bed. And then you have to wear every single item of clothing you have been bought so as not to offend anyone, even if it’s ugly or impractical. If you got bought five jumpers, a hat and a scarf, you’re going to have a toasty day.

Then we get to the centrepiece- Christmas dinner. What’s wrong with the Christmas dinner, you may ask? Well aside from the stress of making it- someone always breaks down over the not-quite-right gravy and someone else gets mad that the parsnips are burnt- there is also the awkward moment when there is only one roast potato left:

‘Can I have the last roast potato?’

‘You had it last year!’

‘No she had it last year!’


But the dinner is generally good; everyone gets drunk and seems happy. Everyone settles down to watch television…

That’s the calm before the storm.

The time in between television and bed is taken up by one thing and one thing only:

Board games.

Different families will opt for different games. Some will go for the classics: Monopoly, Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. Some will opt for the more modern and alternative: Cranium, Mousetrap or Articulate. Regardless of the one you choose, chaos will ensue. Someone will get punched square in the face; someone else will burst into tears and someone will storm out half way through. Oh and everyone will accuse the winner of cheating.

And then Christmas day comes to a close with everyone slinking off to bed in a huff.

But don’t call me Scrooge. I’ll be counting the days until Christmas with the rest of you. I can’t wait to open my presents and stuff my face with food. I just know that when midnight of that fateful day comes I’ll be thanking the universe that I have to wait another year for it to come around again.

Newton Faulkner

In order to make this years Daft Friday even more of a whopper of a night, we’ve only gone and got the lovely Newton Faulkner to perform as the headline act.

That’s right- joining the ranks of Frightened Rabbit and Bombay Bicycle Club Newton Faulkner is taking to the stage in GUU this December. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

If you have been living in a soundproof box for the last 5 years and have not heard the smooth acoustic tunes of Newton Faulkner then here’s the down low on him.

Newton Faulkner was born in 1985 and is from Surrey in England. He is a singer- songwriter and is music is acoustic guitar based.

His music career began to take off in 2006 when he made appearances on BBC Radio 2 and secured a publishing deal with Peermusic UK who asked the Independent on Sunday to tell its readers to ‘watch his face.’ He also performed at the American music festival South by Southwest in 2006 and then at Guilfest in 2007. In 2007 he signed with Sony BMG records and supported Paolo Nutini, James Morrison and John Mayer on tour.

He also released his first album in 2007- this is what pushed him to the forefront of British music. The album was entitled Hand Built by Robots and it reached number one in the UK album chart. One of the singles he released from the album, entitled ‘Dream Catch Me’ also made number seven in the UK singles chart. It was Jo Whiley’s Petsound on her radio one show and it was even featured in the 2010 film She’s Out of my League.

Newton went on to release a second album in 2009, entitled Rebuilt oy Humans. It reached number three in the UK album charts. The first single he released from the album was called ‘If This Is It’. The video for this was given an exclusive screening on Channel Four.

This year, Newton has come back into the limelight. He released an EP back in April, entitled Sketches, with three new tracks. However, Newton then decided to update it and re-release it in May. He also released his third studio album in July, called Write It on Your Skin. It made number one in the UK album charts. The first single released from the album back in June, was called ‘Clouds’.

Aside from albums, Newton Faulkner has also played a variety of gigs and music festivals up and down the country and abroad, including Oxegen, T in the Park and Glastonbury.

Also he’s white and ginger, yet he can still pull off dreadlocks. WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT?

Basically, he is a fantastic musician and will be a pleasure to see live. He will, undoubtedly, make this Daft Friday a night to remember.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Tim Peters (https://www.flickr.com/photos/tim_peters/)

Vote Obama

When Barack Obama was elected as the President of the United States four years ago it signified the beginning of a new era for American politics: an era of change and of progress.

In the last four years, alone, Obama and the Democrat party have achieved much. They overcame the Republicans’ united opposition to pass an economic stimulus programme, overhauled the US healthcare system, lay down new rules to Wall Street and the banking industry and prevented the US auto industry from collapse. Furthermore, the Democrats overturned a two-decade-old law banning openly gay Americans from serving in the US military.  He also despatched a team of commandos to kill Osama Bin Laden, brought the US war in Iraq to a close and struck a new nuclear arms treaty with Russian President Dmitry Medveder.

But, you may ask, what is he planning for the future? Why is he a better candidate than Mitt Romney?

There are three central issues, in which Obama has proved himself above Romney: foreign policy, the environment and healthcare.

Firstly, he has made it clear that he seeks peaceful negotiations over conflicts. He opposes the near term military strikes on Iran and will only use it as a last resort. He seeks international pressure against Syria rather than repeat the Libyan air power commitment for Syrian opposition. However, Romney appears to have a far more aggressive foreign policy than Obama. He presents a clearer US threat to Iran and has spoken in more permissive terms about Israel’s right to act against Iran’s nuclear facilities, without explicitly approving of such a step. Whilst Obama seeks to avoid conflict as much as possible, Romney is not so inclined as evident by his plan to increase military spending.

The environment has recently become a far more prevalent issue due to Hurricane Sandy. Obama remains the only candidate with any viable environmental policies having already made much progress in that area. He has already achieved the first- ever regulations on heat –trapping gases blamed for Global Warming and on toxic mercury pollution from power plants. He has spent heavily on green energy, as he has recognised that this is a pressing issue. Meanwhile, Romney, in his ignorance, claims green power is yet to become viable and that the causes of climate change are unknown.

Lastly is the issue of healthcare. Obama achieved a landmark overhaul finally putting the USA on a path to universal coverage. Under the new law, insurers will be banned from denying coverage to people with pre-existing illness, tax credits will subsidise premiums, people without work-based insurance will have access to new markets, small businesses will get help for offering insurance and Medicaid will expand. Obama has promised to continue on this path to universal healthcare as long as he is in power. However, Romney has promised to do his utmost to work for the repeal of the law. He would destroy the incredible progress that has been made for healthcare in America.

Romney with his aggressive foreign policy, ignorance of environmental issues and his lack of support for universal healthcare is seeking to drag the USA back to the past, to eliminate the progress that has been made in the last four years. Obama, on the other hand, is looking to continue with the work he and the Democrats have been doing. He looks to solve the international issues by peaceful means rather than the use of force, he is looking for an active solution to the issues of the environment and he wants to benefit the entire nation by creating a universal healthcare system. Obama is looking to the future whilst Romney is stubbornly set in the past. Obama is, therefore, not simply the best, but the only candidate for the job.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Chris Coleman (https://www.flickr.com/photos/iceman9294/)

Jarlath Regan at GUU

So if you were not at Glasgow University Union on Wednesday the 3rd of October then you need to get your priorities straight as you missed the chance to see comedian Jarlath Regan for free. But don’t worry because you can read all about it here.

The night was started by the heavily tattooed and hilarious John Gavin who got everyone in the room giggling themselves stupid. He was the winner of ‘Scottish comedian of the year’ in 2009 and from forcing the audience to all yell out swear words to insulting Gok Wan, he was on top form. And that was just the warm up.

Now if you haven’t heard of the star of the night Jarlath Regan, where have you been? But just for those of you who live in a life devoid of laughter here is some information about him. The Irish comedian was born in 1980 and began his stand-up comedy career in 2003. By 2004 he was already a finalist for the comedy awards So You Think You’re Funny, BBC New Comedy Awards and the Chortle Student Comedian Of The Year. He just completed his sixth run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, has published two illustrated books and is a contributor on radio and television, having appeared on comedy panel shows the likes of Russell Howard’s Good News. Basically he’s a very busy, and funny, man.

But he still found time to squeeze in a wee trip to our very own GUU. What a bloody lovely guy.

So he started the show with his usual enthusiasm, springing onto the stage and immediately slagging off the chandeliers, curtains and general decor of the room. He had the audience in stitches in a matter of minutes. He informed us all how he loved doing stand-up comedy, before launching into his relationship with his wife and having us all crying with laughter again. Knowing his crowd he talked about Glasgow being a ‘bloody amazing place’ what with all the boy racers. This was before he insisted everyone ran off for a break to get Jaeger bombs before the show continued- he knows his students well.

He came back and launched further into chat about Glasgow, about booze, about his personal life… about all things funny really. I was just starting to think about how, despite the wee jibes at people and things, he was such a nice, genuine guy.

That was until he started to heckle me.

Now, in truth, I did forget the first rule of attending a comedy show, which is unless you want to be insulted/heckled/made part of the show- do not sit in the front row.

Especially if you have a pen and notepad with you in order to write down everything the comedian is saying so that you can write a review on it later.

So maybe I didn’t really think my seating choice through. However, I still got a bit of a fright when he asked me why I was taking notes… and as I’m not a funny person I told him the truth. He then proceeded to threaten to take my notebook and throw it out the window, accused me of superseding his threat by saying I would throw my pint in his face and comparing me to a James Bond girl (although to be fair I took that more as a compliment than an insult.) And after a lifetime (ten minutes) of him winding me up, everyone else was rolling about the floor whilst I was bright red in the face.

It was very funny, in all honesty. And to be fair I blush easily.

And we did manage to reconcile at the end of show. We kind of had to really because I had to interview him so you lot could find out a bit more about the man himself. It was a little bit awkward at first but we got over it.

So here’s what we talked about:

Did you enjoy performing at GUU tonight?

“I did. I enjoyed performing at GUU, probably as much as I’ve ever enjoyed doing stand up.”

How was the audience? Apart from a certain member telling you she would chuck a pint in your face…

“The audience were great. I think students know a lot more about stand up than people give them credit for. They have a high quality comedy IQ.”

Did it take you back to your student days?

“Well yeah- I’ve actually been here a lot, in this very building. I did a debate here- I was in the final of Ancients. I think I fell asleep under a snooker table one time and someone had to come find me. I love it here- Glasgow is one of my favourite cities.”

You played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival again this year. How did it go?

“Well this was my sixth year in a row. Every year it gets better- you know people start to actually know who you are…”

You’ve been in the comedy business for a while now. Do you ever struggle to think up new or original material?“No, not really. It’s more difficult when you’re busy. I have a lot of other things on- and I have a baby now as well. Finding the material itself isn’t hard. It’s everywhere.”

So as Jarlath finished his comedy set at the GUU he turned to me and said “thanks for the five star review.” And I have to admit, despite winding me up and becoming, somewhat, part of his act, it was the funniest stand up show I have been to in a long time. He kept the audience hanging onto his every word and chuckling to themselves the entire way through. He is fast becoming a BNIC (big name in comedy). So if you do get a chance to see him do stand-up, take it. Just don’t sit in the front row…

A Musical Map of Glasgow

You have now arrived at Glasgow University. You and your peers will vary in the reasons for your decision to come here. Some of you will have made the sensible option of selecting university on the basis of what is best for your degree; others may have selected this wonderful city for the drinking opportunities, what with the array of cheap bars and nightclubs. Having previously spent countless train fares coming through to Glasgow every other weekend to watch my favourite bands play, I like to think that I selected the city for the music (although the cheap booze factor did play its part).

For with its plentiful gig venues, big and small, Glasgow is the musical hub of Scotland. Paulo Nuttini, The Fratellis and Twin Atlantic are just a few of the big names to have emerged from this city in the past decade.

So where do you begin to discover music in Glasgow; a city with venues and new bands round every other corner? I’ve tried to fashion somewhat of a guide for those of you new to the city to start your induction into the Glasgow music scene…

For those with a taste simply for chart music or big name acts, it would be best to first turn to the SECC, a venue which has seen the likes of Rihanna take to the stage. However, you’re likely to pay around £25 to £40 for a ticket here, which, if you don’t know already, isn’t always a feasible option for a student.

So those of you that are a little more limited in the cash area and have a bit of a taste for the indie side of life you should try the ABC or the O2 Academy. These venues have featured rock bands such as Frightened Rabbit and We Are Scientists as well as numerous artists of different genres . You’re likely to pay £15 to £25 a ticket for a gig at one of these venues

However, the guys who are seriously struggling to stretch the student loan out past food and rent and who fancy something a little more unknown should stick to the small venues dotted about the city. A good one to start with is Nice N Sleazys, which has been host to a range of different acts, including Linlithgow-raised band Penguins Kill Polar Bears. You’re likely to pay less than £10 for the majority of the shows here and with the best White Russians in town at only £3 there’s not much to complain about.

But if you are truly at the end of your overdraft get yourself to Bar Bloc, which hosts a variety of alternative music acts, and it’s free entry to all concerts before 12am. In the past Bloc has been party to Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison and slow-paced, melodic rock band Jeniferever.

Lastly, no one can discuss music in Glasgow without mentioning “Britain’s best small venue” as NME described it in 2011. It is, of course, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. It has been at the forefront of the Scottish live music scene since its creation in 1990 and is a showcase for new bands. Tickets for gigs tend to cost between five and fifteen pounds and recently, it has featured the happy, jangly sounds of Tango in the Attic and the rather lovely acoustic singer/songwriter Michael Cassidy.

So whether you’re a mad punk rocker or someone who likes to chill out with some acoustic guitar melodies you’ll be able to find something in Glasgow’s deep dark streets to satisfy your musical thirst. But, just to get you started, here are a few gigs to look out for:

King Tuts: 21st September- Three Blind Wolves and Carnivores- £7

Nice and Sleazys: 27th September- Raymond Meade (Fables and Follies album launch) – £5

O2 ABC:  29th September- Azealia Banks- £15.50

SECC: 10th November- Bon Iver, £25

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Katy Stoddard (https://www.flickr.com/photos/katy_bird/)

Election Chat Overload

Did you recently spend two weeks on campus fighting your way through crowds of campaigners, thrusting leaflets at you in their colourful handmade t-shirts? Have you had to sprint past the GUU/ QMU/ gym/ library headphones in, avoiding all eye contact with everyone? Or have you simply enjoyed the ridiculous amount of free food being handed out?

You have just experienced springtime elections at Glasgow University- student democracy at its finest.

I do apologise to those I have harassed, bullied, yelled ‘vote for…’ at but election time does become pretty intense. Particularly this year, with the presidential position for each of the four student bodies being contested. Congratulations to David Lockhart of the GUU, Colum Fraser of the QMU, Chris Millar of GUSA and James Harrison of the SRC for being successful in their presidential campaigns.

But elections are absolutely nothing without some element of controversy, and although the QMU and GUU elections passed by with relatively few issues, controversy arrived in the form of the SRC presidential candidate Chizzy and of the disenfranchisement of the Art School students from the GUSA elections.

After the Stuart Ritchie ordeal this year, the SRC have struggled to maintain credibility. So perhaps it was inevitable that someone like Chizzy would pop up on Facebook with a manifesto promising to rebuild the John McIntyre building entirely out of glass in order to make the SRC more ‘transparent’ and to use carrier owls instead of MyCampus. But to actually see his name on the ballot list on voting day and to be greeted by an army of his campaigners outside the library- that was a shock.

To put it in perspective, the SRC president is a paid position.  Furthermore, they have to represent the entire student body, therefore what does it say about the SRC if they have a candidate running on the basis of a joke manifesto? Chizzy, however, was unsuccessful, so unfortunately we will not be adding carrier owls to our University.

The disenfranchisement of the GSA students from the GUSA elections was a further source of controversy in the student election process. This added to the recent conflict between the Art School students and GUSA resulting from a cap being placed on the number of the former being allowed to join the gym. Then on election day many Art School students were turned away from the Stevenson building and told they were not allowed to vote, despite being active members of the gym and GUSA clubs.

This decision was made because of a clause found recently in the GUSA constitution, which stated:

“Membership shall apply to all those registered students of the University of Glasgow who have paid their subscription to the Sports and Recreation Service.”

It all came down to whether they had a University of Glasgow matriculation card- those who did not were not allowed to vote. However, in previous years all Art School students who were members of the gym were eligible to vote leading to the question of why did they decide to enforce this rule this year?

However, with Chris Millar’s manifesto having stated that he was going to stand up for art school students, most GSA students are confident that in the following year, Millar will strive to solve many of the issues that have recently been affecting GSA students and their participation in GUSA.  Josh Murphy, art school student and member of the GUSWPC commented:

“As an active member of GUSA I was obviously disappointed in the way that the issue of art school eligibility was handled prior to the elections, however what’s done is done and I am really looking forward to seeing what the new council will offer in the face of some difficult decisions that will be coming their way. I am confident they have the skills required to tackle the issue of art school students’ membership effectively in the coming months.”

With all the elections finally over, life on campus has begun to settle down again. Each of the four student bodies are set to tackle another year at Glasgow University.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Keith Bacongo (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kitoy/)

Nina Nesbitt

Watch out Ellie Goulding, Diana Vickers and all other female singer/songwriters with their ever so quirky voices- there’s a new girl on the scene.

From Balerno, a small suburb on the outskirts of Edinburgh, comes seventeen-year-old Nina Nesbitt complete with the looks, personality and talent required to achieve chart topping success.

Having spent years at Balerno High School uploading one YouTube video after another and exploiting the use of social media, slowly building up a local fan base, Nina has managed to stumble on to fame through none other than the incredibly successful Ed Sheeran.

After meeting Ed in Edinburgh at an intimate gig and gaining the opportunity to play him one of her own songs, Nina was swiftly asked to support him at the ABC in Glasgow. She was then asked by the other major star, and one of Sheeran’s close friends, Example to support him in a few of his English gigs last year. Since then she has also accompanied other famous pop stars such as Pixie Lott.

Half Swedish Nina seems almost destined for fame what with her also having previously been scouted by a model agency Colours. Her striking looks made her a success both in photo shoots and on the catwalk. However, Nesbitt has insisted that in her life, music takes precedence over fashion. She does not simply want to be known as a model that can sing.

But with the all-star backing she has received from the likes of Sheeran and Example this seems unlikely to be the case.

Nina’s music career has rocketed in the past year from the uploading of her own music videos to the internet to headlining her own gig in Glasgow last month and currently supporting Ed Sheeran on his European tour.

But it is not simply her career that has taken a leap but also her love life, what with the current rumours that Sheeran and Nesbitt have become far more than musical acquaintances after they went on a romantic trip to Venice together at the beginning of the year.  Nina has so far refused to comment on the relationship, which is Ed’s first romantic entanglement since his ex-girlfriend who inspired many of the songs on his current number one album.

Furthermore, Nina became the star of Ed’s recent music video for his single Drunk adding to her recent found fame and to the rumours circulating the two artists.

Despite the overwhelming success and attention she has received of late, Nesbitt is refusing to let anything or anyone slow her down, taking her rapidly blossoming music career in her stride, pursuing her love for music and song writing with increased perseverance.

Nina Nesbitt’s EP Live Take is now available to download from ITunes, consisting of three of her original songs and a rather impressive cover of David Gray’s Babylon. It displays the young girl’s quirky nature and raw talent perfectly.

So all that can be said is watch this space. Take it from someone who witnessed her YouTube success story first-hand, from the beginning. Nina Nesbitt is going to be big news in 2012.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Kimmo de Gooijer (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kimmo/)

An Interview with TWBF

Glasgow is host to a multitude of unsigned bands so what is so special about There Will Be Fireworks, yet another label-less group gigging in the likes of Stereo and Captain’s Rest? Well, not only did they form at our very own Glasgow University, but also have an incredible atmospheric sound akin to the likes of Explosions in the Sky and lyrical depth reminiscent of Tom Waits. Furthermore, album and ticket sales alone have allowed the band to become completely self-sufficient. Their gig last January was so popular they had to turn many fans away at the door.

I caught up with Nicky from the band to find out about their new album and their plans for the future:

Have you changed much as a band since your last album?

“Well we’re pretty much the same personnel but I think the sound has changed a fair bit. For a start, the song writing has naturally developed over the last few years. For the first album, we bashed out all the songs in a practice space and then headed to the studio to record them. Given that time with everyone in the one place has been a commodity over the last few years, the way we’ve written has changed. We’ve been writing a lot more in the studio and experimenting as we record. It’s produced a different type of song compared to the first album.”

Have you ever been surprised with the amount of support you have received?

“Yeah, we’re really grateful for the generally positive reaction that we’ve had. The internet is an incredible tool for getting music out there and we’ve managed to gather a small but supportive crowd of listeners. As an unsigned band, we don’t have any PR other than whatever nonsense we might spout on Facebook or Twitter (@twbf), so it’s been really gratifying. The most surprising thing has been the number of people from outside the UK who have been buying our album. We’ve just released our new EP Because, Because and again we’ve had interest from abroad. It’s cool that something we make on a shoestring in a studio in Strathaven gets listened to by someone a few thousand miles away.”

Would you say that living in Glasgow has influenced your music?

“Glasgow has influenced our music more than anything else. I have lived here more or less my whole life and the city has definitely seeped into our song writing. Without wanting to be parochial, we are a Glasgow band and it’s inevitable that that will be reflected in what we produce.”

You guys all attended Glasgow University. Do you have any advice for any students who are interested in forming a band?

“Bash out some songs, get in a studio and record them. Play gigs but not so many that people get bored of you. And if you’re going to go to a studio to record, research which bands have recorded there to find something that will chime with your sound. Everything we have recorded was done at Old Mill Studios in Strathaven and we can’t recommend it enough.”

The band’s most recent packed out gig at Stereo in December displayed their continuing popularity with the Glasgow public. Taking to the stage in Christmas onesies these guys showed that despite not taking themselves too seriously they are truly a highlight of the current Glasgow music scene.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Paradasos (https://www.flickr.com/photos/paradasos/)

GUSSC Take on L2A

“Do you even know how to ski?”

That was the first question my mother asked me when I happened to mention to her that I had paid my deposit for the Glasgow University ski trip. This year saw the GUSSC take 300 of GU’s finest students to the resort Les Deux for the first week of January. A week of skiing, snowboarding, boozing and, let’s not forget, dancing.

The actual ability to ski seemed like such a minor issue at the time but truth be told I had very little experience of skiing or snowboarding and absolutely none on real snow. Still, a mixture of peer pressure and Hive inspired drunken enthusiasm persuaded me to pay off the rest of the trip and prepare myself for a week in which my entire family was convinced I would break a bone.

Now, I wasn’t the only one who got carried away and booked the trip having barely put my foot into a ski boot before. So I didn’t feel as bad falling my way down a green slope on the first day, as I got to watch the other beginners struggle just as much.

I mean, at least I didn’t get taken on a blue slope on the first day by my friends, falling so hard I twisted my knee and was airlifted to hospital, losing both skis in the process. Or roll down a black slope, only rescuing myself from falling off piste by the hook of my thumb. I’m not going to name any names but I’m sure the footage will be on the internet in no time at all.

Don’t worry, everyone survived in the end, including the beginners. I got the hang of green slopes in a couple of days and was then led down a few blues by some very patient and understanding people. I thank you all. Meanwhile the more experienced skiers and snowboarders were speeding down reds and blacks and flying over jumps. Some even went off piste although if you ever do that try not to bury yourself in snow, like one GUSSC member managed to do on the last day.

But let’s face it, it isn’t all about the snow. The bars and nightclubs were completely ruined by the Glasgow students who turned out in force every single night. I have never seen so many people in onesies raving under a massive disco ball than in nightclub Avalanche on the second night. And the French didn’t know what had hit them when we blinded them in our neon clothes on the last night.

So for all those of you that debated over whether to go to Les Deux Alpes this year and decided that you didn’t have the money or that it just wasn’t worth it to put it bluntly you made a mistake. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a pro, there is something for everyone. There are lessons for all levels and several kind people to pick you up out of the snow and keep you going.

Next year don’t even hesitate. Get it booked because you know you are going to hate life for the next month with all this cliquey L2A chat.

And for all those who were there, now that we are all back in Glasgow after an amazing week together we can truly say F*** SNOW LET’S DANCE!