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Don’t Let Exams Get You Down

It’s that time of year… coursework has been finished and handed in, the Easter Holidays are about to start and summer is only just around the corner. So everything’s great… right?


For students across the country this is probably the worst time of year for one reason and one reason only. Exams. Silly, stupid, stressful exams.

Yep that’s right exams are looming right behind the end of the Easter holidays for many of us here at Glasgow University. If you’re not already it won’t be long before you’re tearing your hair out or crying in frustration because you can’t find that set of notes that have suddenly become vital in your revision and without them you will, most definitely, fail everything.

The tears, the rants, the screams and even the panic attacks- I have experienced them all, from myself or from my friends. I understand the pain of exam stress.

The thing is we all laugh and joke about them, about how little we know and how we’ve done no revision and how we are completely and utterly screwed, maybe hoping that our smiles will hide the fact that we are freaking out on the inside.

Maybe you aren’t like that; maybe you are chilled out and confident about the upcoming assessments. However, I know, from personal experience, that this isn’t often the case.

Exam stress has become a far more serious and noticed issue in the last few years. The pressure students are under, either from themselves or from others has only increased if anything, making the weight of exam time all the heavier. It’s fine to joke but when students stress themselves out to the point of depression or panic attacks or worse, then things get a little less laughable.

So what’s the point in me getting all serious about this? After all you don’t need anything more to bring you down at this time of year and exam stress is an inevitable part of student life.

But we should all be aware of the potential detriments. Student Beans found in a survey of 1000 students that it affects a fair few even enough affect their health. They discovered that 92% of students said they felt worried during exam time whilst one fifth revealed they had suffered anxiety attacks before their exams as a result of the stress. Furthermore 61% cited lack of sleep or insomnia as a result of their worry, 51% claimed to suffer from headaches and migraines and 47% admitted turning to food to relieve their stress (53% obviously lied about that one).

There are even those that begin to suffer from depression as a result of the intensity of the exam period.

So, as we all knew, exams are not fun and games, in fact they are seriously stressful and can affect a student’s health and mental well-being.

So as hard as it is don’t let exams get you down. Do your best not to cry, scream or have a panic attack, either before the exam or during it, and having to be led out of the exam hall (that actually happened to a friend of mine last year). Get through them and I’ll see you for a drink on the other side.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Xavi (https://www.flickr.com/photos/18614695@N00/)


It’s Christmas Time…

It’s coming to that time of year again. Festive tunes are blaring out of every Ipod, the advent calendars are being placed upon walls and the decorations are being dusted off. It’s time for Christmas; a time of joy, of happiness and of giving.

But also a time of stress, fighting and spending the entire day with your family- which, almost never ends well.

It is one of the days of the year we’ll all count down to but let’s be honest we tend to gloss over the bad stuff about Christmas Day.

Some of you jolly little carollers may be gasping at my negative Christmas attitude… but just let me explain.

You start off getting up at some ridiculous hour in the morning. Christmas is supposed to be a holiday so why do we still have to get up at 7am. Santa isn’t going to take the presents back- he’s not real! And if you do make the decision to have a sensible lie in and make everyone wait for you to open presents you inevitably wake up to a younger sibling pouring freezing cold water over your face: ‘Woops sorry didn’t mean that. But seeing as you’re up…’

And then there’s the opening of presents and pretending like you needed five pair of reindeer socks- ‘Aww yeah Mum that’s exactly what I wanted.’ All the while what you really want is to go back to bed. And then you have to wear every single item of clothing you have been bought so as not to offend anyone, even if it’s ugly or impractical. If you got bought five jumpers, a hat and a scarf, you’re going to have a toasty day.

Then we get to the centrepiece- Christmas dinner. What’s wrong with the Christmas dinner, you may ask? Well aside from the stress of making it- someone always breaks down over the not-quite-right gravy and someone else gets mad that the parsnips are burnt- there is also the awkward moment when there is only one roast potato left:

‘Can I have the last roast potato?’

‘You had it last year!’

‘No she had it last year!’


But the dinner is generally good; everyone gets drunk and seems happy. Everyone settles down to watch television…

That’s the calm before the storm.

The time in between television and bed is taken up by one thing and one thing only:

Board games.

Different families will opt for different games. Some will go for the classics: Monopoly, Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. Some will opt for the more modern and alternative: Cranium, Mousetrap or Articulate. Regardless of the one you choose, chaos will ensue. Someone will get punched square in the face; someone else will burst into tears and someone will storm out half way through. Oh and everyone will accuse the winner of cheating.

And then Christmas day comes to a close with everyone slinking off to bed in a huff.

But don’t call me Scrooge. I’ll be counting the days until Christmas with the rest of you. I can’t wait to open my presents and stuff my face with food. I just know that when midnight of that fateful day comes I’ll be thanking the universe that I have to wait another year for it to come around again.