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My Graduation Day

I was attempting to get to grips with video and audio editing, and feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to work on a little project to remember my graduation last June. It’s really just a bunch of photos set to some Primal Scream music but feel free to post any comments/criticisms in the section below. Ta.

P.S. I know it looks really cheesy, but just wait until your graduation day. It’s one of the best, and saddest, days you will ever experience.


An Unlucky Day for the GUHC

The Glasgow University Hockey Club were hoping for a day of dreams on the 5th of March when three out of the seven teams took to the mighty fortress of Garscube to play in important BUCS matches. However, that was not to be, as each team, unfortunately, walked away suffering a loss.

The GUWHC 2nd XI were the first to take to the pitch against the Edinburgh 3s. It was the semi-final of the BUCS Conference Cup meaning both teams came out fighting from the start. Edinburgh took the lead but Julia McGovern of Glasgow quickly scored an equaliser. However, Edinburgh managed another goal, which, despite their best efforts, the Glasgow girls were not able to match meaning the final score was 2-1 to Edinburgh.

The GUWHC 4th XI were the next to take to the pitch in the BUCS Conference Plate semi-final. The girls were entered the match with some confidence due to their high number of victories this year. However, the St. Andrews 3rd XI proved to be a formidable opponent. While this match again proved to be fairly even, St. Andrews clung to their lead in the final minutes of the game resulting in a 3-2 victory.

The GUMHC 1st XI were the last to play on the day in the BUCS Conference semi final. The was the most intense game of the day as it was against local rivals, the Strathclyde 1st XI. Again, it was a close and evenly paced match that saw the whistle blow with the two sides drawing at 3 goals to 3. In the end it went to penalty flicks, which Glasgow narrowly lost to their opponents on.

While the scores may have been disappointing for the GUHC on the day, the high standard of hockey, hard-work and dedication of the players is something to be proud of. There was also an incredible number of black and yellow supporters cheering from the sideline. While the teams may have not progressed further in their competitions, they still proved themselves as one of the most successful sports clubs on campus.

-Claire Flynn

Student Elections at Glasgow University

I remember this time last year very well- the beginning of my fight for Libraries Convener. I was starting my daily (private) routine of crying hysterically in my room whilst punching my pillow at the same time. In public, however, I was all smiles. I soon had people spamming my manifesto and slogans across FaceBook and Twitter, alike. I even put a video of me dressed as Hagrid on YouTube in the hope of winning over a few extra people.

The year before last I was gearing up to help no less than five of my friends campaign to get their chosen position. The stress over whose profile picture I was going to use was intense. I eventually wound up swapping between my friends. On the actual days of the campaign I was out till the end, cold and miserable, flyering and chucking sweets at people just wanting to get to class. Everyone hated me.

In my first year, I was naive, sweet and innocent, with no idea of the kind of social media and campus frenzy student elections caused. I was still minding my own business and heading to class when the first pack of Haribo hit me in the face.

My point it this: whether you are going to be one of the innocent, unaware passer-bys on the day of elections, you will be throwing yourself right into the action by campaigning for one or numerous friends or you will be daring to run for a position yourself the upcoming student elections will affect you in some way. So let me give you the basics of the student bodies and their elections:

The Student Representative Council (SRC)

If you are a student at the University of Glasgow (which I’m assuming all of you reading this are) then you can vote in these elections, and you should. These guys represent the student body to the University and also help cater to many student interests and needs. With the dark days of Chizzy and Stuart Ritchie now past them the SRC have grown from strength to strength in recent years. This year the council, and particularly the sabbatical positions, prove to be hotly contested. And did I mention you can vote online? You don’t even need to leave your bed to have your say.

Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA)

All gym members are eligible to vote in this one. These are the guys that represent student sporting interests to the SRS and do their best to ensure Glasgow University students have the best sporting opportunities possible. Last year positions on council were highly contested, with 7 out of the 12 positions opposed. Will this year be the same? There is already rumoured to be a presidential battle on the cards, automatically making it an interesting year for GUSA elections.

Queen Margaret Union (QMU)

Over the hill at the other Union, the QMU elections will take place. You must be a member of the QMU to vote in the elections. Pissed off about the name change of Cheesy Pop? Vote in someone that will change it back. Last year’s election was a mixed success for the QMU. Although many of the higher up positions were contested, there were some positions left unfilled and the voter turnout was rather disappointing compared to the other student bodies. What will this year have in store for the Queen Margaret Union?

Glasgow University Union

And lastly we have GUU’s Board of Management. You have to be a GUU member to vote in these elections. The Board run all the major events, deals and promotions at the Union so if you are a member you need to make your vote count. The difficult year behind the Union will doubtfully get better over the next so it is critical that a hard-working and innovative Board of Management is elected. Last year GUU elections were largely uncontested with only the PSM positions and Libraries Convener (just my luck) opposed but what will this year bring?

So read manifestos and make your vote count- it is likely one or more of these student bodies will matter a lot to you and your uni lifestyle. If you are a campaigner, try not to feel guilty about harassing people- you are doing it to help friends and ensure student involvement with elections. Lastly, good luck to those choosing to run for a position. As stressful and emotional the next month will be- it is all worth it in the end.*

*Please note that this is from a winner’s perspective. I have no idea how it feels to lose but I imagine it may not feel as worth the tears, money and time spent on campaigning.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Chris Kueh (https://www.flickr.com/photos/chriskueh/)

Senior Men’s Basketball Scottish Cup Final

The Basketball Scottish Cup culminated in the Glasgow University boys taking on the City of Edinburgh Kings in an intense and heated match. Glasgow University made the short journey to Paisley with buses full of supporters following to cheer the black and yellows to victory. However, despite a strong start from Glasgow, it was the Kings who managed to ensure a cup final win ending the game on 81 points to 62.

The game launched with both sides fighting desperately to take the lead first. It was Glasgow captain Calum Nicol who took drew first blood scoring two points. From then he dominated the beginning of the quarter taking another six points in the next few minutes. But Edinburgh were pushing their offence through the Glasgow defence and gaining baskets keeping the quarter close. However, Glasgow remained the stronger side. The Kings, despite playing hard, were unable to push themselves into the lead with the first quarter ending on 21-17 to Glasgow.

However, the next quarter saw the Kings beginning to dominate more as they continually broke through the Glasgow defence. Although the beginning of the quarter saw Glasgow stretching their lead up to eight points, Edinburgh quickly came back taking advantage of the weakening opposition’s defence. Glasgow began to lose their cool fouling the Kings’ players, allowing them to extend their lead further with free throws. Despite the screams of support from the side and some ferocious banner waving, Glasgow were unable to keep up with the Edinburgh new found energy and skill leaving the second quarter at 42-30 to the Kings.

After half time, Edinburgh continued their winning streak, powering down the Glasgow defence to score a series of baskets taking them further in the lead. Despite Glasgow’s best efforts they were unable to prevent the Kings players breaking through their defence. The third quarter ended with Edinburgh storming ahead on 61 -41.

The final quarter saw Glasgow University come out fighting and playing hard, making for a very intense ending. A series of three pointers from numerous players saw the point gap beginning to close, signifying some hope for Glasgow fans. However, Edinburgh fought back hard to maintain their lead and so the game finished with the Edinburgh kings on 81 points and Glasgow University on 61 points.

After the game, captain of the Glasgow University squad, Calum Nicoll commented: ‘I’m very proud of our team for reaching a cup final. The team has developed a lot since entering into the national league, especially with players coming and going year to year. We have become a contender in the league and we will hopefully keep growing and win competitions in the near future. Being captain for such a great team is such a good feeling. Each player brings something unique that helps us develop into a better squad. As for the game we went out with the mentality that we could win. With the current form we have and the excellent crowd behind us it felt possible to beat a team that we had never beaten. After a strong first quarter, we felt like our dreams were coming true but Kings are a formidable opponent, any mistake you make, they will capitalise on fast. Edinburgh took the lead before the half and our team fought for the rest of the game. I’m proud to be part of a team that have achieved what we have. Even though we didn’t win we have a lot to feel proud about.’

So unfortunately dreams did not come true for the Glasgow side this year, losing out again to Edinburgh. But who knows, maybe some time in the near future they will finally knock the Kings from their thrones.

The Glasgow University Basketball Club

The Basketball Club is one of the more recently formed sports clubs at Glasgow University. This makes it stories of success all the more impressive. The Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA), or the Glasgow University Athletic Club (GUAC) as it was known then, emerged into the post-war years with just 20 affiliated clubs. However, by the 1980s it had twice that number. The earliest of the new additions was basketball, which was affiliated as a section on the 12th of March 1947, although a club had been in existence for some time.

The basketball club performed well in its first few years of affiliation, winning the league for three years running and producing internationalists in J. R. Davis, D. Quayle and J. Hutchison, although the club’s best player was arguably Clayton Roberts, an American. In 1952 to 53, devoid of the American and Canadian stars the team fell to the bottom of the league. However, victory was again achieved in 1961 to 1962 and in 1975 to 1976 when the club rose to the top of the league again.

Fifty-five years on from the original affiliation with GUSA the club has gone through much expansion and growth, and a women’s club has also been added to the mix.

Arguably the last few years have been the most successful in the club’s history. The men’s club entered the senior national league in 2010 for the first time. They finished in fourth place in the regular season and gained a playoff semi final spot. In 2010, the first team also won their first BUCS title in over twenty-five years and secured a place in the BUCS northern premier conference, becoming the first team in Glasgow’s history to reach this standard. The second team has also been performing well recently, winning a BUCS conference in only their third season of existence and finishing in third place in the regional Strathclyde league. The success of the club has meant that the popularity has soared so much so that a third men’s team has been launched to cope with the demand.

The women’s club has similarly had much success in the last few years. Again due to increasing popularity and demand a second team was entered into BUCS Division 3 in 2011. The team placed well for the first year in the competition. In 2011 to 2012 the first women’s team did incredibly well. They placed at the top of BUCS Division One and only lost to Nottingham by one point in overtime in the Premiere Division playoffs, narrowly missing out on promotion. The first team also placed second in the SLBA league, in the same season.

However, there is also a more recreational side to the club. The women’s training sessions cater to all levels- training is on Tuesday and Friday evenings. The men’s club offer a drop-in session on a Friday afternoon in the Stevenson building, available for all abilities. So even if you are more of a Bugs Bunny than a Michael Jordan you can still get involved.

Hopefully the Glasgow University Basketball Club will continue to be a dominant force in British University basketball in the future. We have come a long way from the original affiliation in 1947 and the club, with increasing popularity and membership, becomes stronger every year.

-Claire Flynn

The GUWBC are Back!

The GUWBC are back, with their second team having played their first BUCS game of the season last Wednesday. It was an incredibly close game but Glasgow powered through and won the away game against Edinburgh Napier University’s first team 36 points to 31 points.

The second team was only formed last year and had a shaky start losing most of their games as they were just developing into a team. However, this year they have come back stronger despite having only a few of the original players left on the squad.

So as this, relatively new, team rocked up to the Napier courts the atmosphere was tense; nerves were getting the better of most. Glasgow, therefore, began weakly. They were unable to maintain a strong defence and could not get anything past Napier in offence. The problem was lack of confidence and lack of communication. This resulted in Napier blasting past the Glasgow girls in the first quarter and finishing after ten minutes ten points up. Glasgow failed to get a single basket.

However, the next quarter saw the turnaround. Glasgow came back fighting and by using a mixture of fast breaks and effective offensive plays managed to score eight points in the first three minutes of the second quarter. After that they kept the defence strong the Napier players were still able to break through a couple of times. Glasgow University won this quarter eight points to four. The game was far closer now.

After half time the third quarter commenced. Both teams came out fighting and it was practically neck and neck. Although Glasgow again made sure the defensive play was in place Napier still broke through at several points to gain baskets. At the same time however, Glasgow pushed back and broke through the Napier defence many times to score points. Although this quarter was insanely close Glasgow still came out on top, winning it thirteen points to twelve.

This meant that Glasgow went into the last quarter behind by only five points- so victory was possible but not assured. The Glasgow girls, despite being exhausted, absolutely smashed this quarter. They did not let a single Napier player get past the defence and get a basket. They also pushed the offence harder than before managing to get five baskets in the first half of the quarter.  Glasgow University went from losing the first quarter ten points to zero to winning the last quarter ten points to zero. They entered the last quarter losing by five points and left it winning by five points.

This may not be Dodgeball but it was ‘a true underdog story’. Despite losing the whole way through Glasgow came back to win the game in the last ten minutes. All the girls worked incredibly hard and played very well, for the entire game, to ensure victory. A special mention has to be made for Yana Staneva, the top point scorer, who had an amazing game.

It was a great start to the season for the GUWBC second team. Hopefully they will continue to play well in the coming matches and rally up the victories.

-Claire Flynn

Election Chat Overload

Did you recently spend two weeks on campus fighting your way through crowds of campaigners, thrusting leaflets at you in their colourful handmade t-shirts? Have you had to sprint past the GUU/ QMU/ gym/ library headphones in, avoiding all eye contact with everyone? Or have you simply enjoyed the ridiculous amount of free food being handed out?

You have just experienced springtime elections at Glasgow University- student democracy at its finest.

I do apologise to those I have harassed, bullied, yelled ‘vote for…’ at but election time does become pretty intense. Particularly this year, with the presidential position for each of the four student bodies being contested. Congratulations to David Lockhart of the GUU, Colum Fraser of the QMU, Chris Millar of GUSA and James Harrison of the SRC for being successful in their presidential campaigns.

But elections are absolutely nothing without some element of controversy, and although the QMU and GUU elections passed by with relatively few issues, controversy arrived in the form of the SRC presidential candidate Chizzy and of the disenfranchisement of the Art School students from the GUSA elections.

After the Stuart Ritchie ordeal this year, the SRC have struggled to maintain credibility. So perhaps it was inevitable that someone like Chizzy would pop up on Facebook with a manifesto promising to rebuild the John McIntyre building entirely out of glass in order to make the SRC more ‘transparent’ and to use carrier owls instead of MyCampus. But to actually see his name on the ballot list on voting day and to be greeted by an army of his campaigners outside the library- that was a shock.

To put it in perspective, the SRC president is a paid position.  Furthermore, they have to represent the entire student body, therefore what does it say about the SRC if they have a candidate running on the basis of a joke manifesto? Chizzy, however, was unsuccessful, so unfortunately we will not be adding carrier owls to our University.

The disenfranchisement of the GSA students from the GUSA elections was a further source of controversy in the student election process. This added to the recent conflict between the Art School students and GUSA resulting from a cap being placed on the number of the former being allowed to join the gym. Then on election day many Art School students were turned away from the Stevenson building and told they were not allowed to vote, despite being active members of the gym and GUSA clubs.

This decision was made because of a clause found recently in the GUSA constitution, which stated:

“Membership shall apply to all those registered students of the University of Glasgow who have paid their subscription to the Sports and Recreation Service.”

It all came down to whether they had a University of Glasgow matriculation card- those who did not were not allowed to vote. However, in previous years all Art School students who were members of the gym were eligible to vote leading to the question of why did they decide to enforce this rule this year?

However, with Chris Millar’s manifesto having stated that he was going to stand up for art school students, most GSA students are confident that in the following year, Millar will strive to solve many of the issues that have recently been affecting GSA students and their participation in GUSA.  Josh Murphy, art school student and member of the GUSWPC commented:

“As an active member of GUSA I was obviously disappointed in the way that the issue of art school eligibility was handled prior to the elections, however what’s done is done and I am really looking forward to seeing what the new council will offer in the face of some difficult decisions that will be coming their way. I am confident they have the skills required to tackle the issue of art school students’ membership effectively in the coming months.”

With all the elections finally over, life on campus has begun to settle down again. Each of the four student bodies are set to tackle another year at Glasgow University.

-Claire Flynn

-Image courtesy of Keith Bacongo (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kitoy/)